Modelo Educativo de la USIL

USIL Educational Model 

The USIL educational model is centered on students’ ethical lifetime ambitions and on competence-based learning in undergraduate and graduate courses. It is made up of the Onlife education model, USIL Style and the institutional pillars.

Modelo Educativo de la USIL

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Our educational model is the result of a research process conducted the participation of people within the university and stakeholders committed to USIL.

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Onlife Education Model

Our students’ education takes place in a learning ecosystem with a digital culture characterized by hyperconnectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, exponential technological development, and the immeasurable amount of information made available through different media to convert into knowledge. It comprises the following:

Undergraduate and graduate competence-based curriculum: flexible and innovative

University methodology for the development of competencies

Competency-Based Assessment

Integration of ICT in Competence-Based Learning

HyFlex Classrooms

University Tutoring

USIL Style

This is an educational dimension that comprises two fundamental aspects:

About USIL Style
Los programas de estudios de Modo USIL

Academic programs:
They help you become a professional at the service of society. Your stay at the university will take place in USIL Style, with an academic and research culture.

Los servicios universitarios de Modo USIL

University services:
Healthy Eating, Physical Activity for Health, Office of the Chaplain, Art and Culture, USIL Health Watch, Psychology, and Student Welfare. 

The USIL signature competencies are:



Bilingual Communication

Human and Sustainable Development

Written and Verbal Communication


Competence-Based Learning 

Competencies are comprehensive actions that will enable you to put your knowledge into action to face challenges and problems inherent to your profession and the globalized world.

Graduate Profile: USIL signature 

Upon graduating from USIL, you will be prepared to:

Be a part of an entrepreneurial culture and identify business opportunities with sustainable impact from a global perspective.

Exercise responsible, empathetic, ethical citizenship, proposing solutions that generate wellbeing for society and the environment.  

Communicate in your native language and a foreign language in a globalized and intercultural world.

Research and innovate for the generation of scientific knowledge.

Apply computational thinking and digital technologies in the management of your personal and professional identity.

Our Pillars

Our pillars make up the philosophical paradigm of the USIL Education Corporation, whose hallmark is present at all levels of education through its projects, in the search for the development of entrepreneurs capable of progressing within a larger framework, contributing to the development of the country in a socially responsible manner.

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University Social Responsibility and Sustainability 

The Integrated Management Model for University Social Responsibility and Sustainability entails three areas of work: academic and research management, social impact management, and environmental management and corporate social responsibility.  

The USIL community develops projects and publications as part of the curriculum and academic activities.


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