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of the Vice President of Research

Our objective is to promote and generate knowledge for the economic and social development of the country, through high-quality research. 

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We are committed to inclusive and sustainable national development through an education that prioritizes research and technological innovation in the different fields of knowledge and their transfer to society. 
In each country in which we operate, we promote in-depth knowledge of local characteristics, a sense of belonging, pride in one's own culture, and the efficient management of resources. This fosters the formation of citizens committed to local development, who have a broad perspective and ample knowledge of their country.  

Our Authorities


Meet our Vice President and the Director of Research Management.

Dr. Ana María Muñoz

Vice President of Research 


Dr. Paolo Tejada Pinto 

Research Management Director 


Office of the Coordinator of Publications and Training


The field of action of the Office of the Vice President of Research also covers training, providing the necessary skills and tools to faculty and administrative staff who are interested in scientific research. The VPR is in charge of articulating the publication of high-impact research for our society, conducted by researchers from our university.


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Project Management Office


The funds allocated to the promotion of research activities and the publication of their results in the university are managed and channeled by the Office of the Vice President of Research.


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Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property (OTTIP)


The Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property is a unit under the Office of Research Management, which is under the Office of the Vice President of Research. It was created in 2019, and its functions officially began in 2020.


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Institute of Food Sciences and Nutrition (IFSN)


IFSN was created for the research and development of healthy foods. Its main inspiration is the immense and inexhaustible wealth of natural foods our country offers. 

We have foods whose multiple nutritional benefits are yet to be made known to the world, and it is here at the USIL IFSN that research spaces will be created to discover their incredible benefits. 


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USIL Lines of Research 

The Office of the Vice President of Research submitted a proposal for new lines of research which was approved, following the corresponding review. Download it here.

Intellectual Property Regulations

These regulations apply to all administrative staff, teachers, researchers and students, as well as to the intellectual creations they produce in the execution of their academic and management activities at USIL or in relation to the university. Download it here.

Code of Research Ethics

This code is based on ethical principles, values and general rules that guide the behavior of researchers, teachers and students in their research, in fulfillment of the mission and vision of the USIL Office of the Vice President of Research. Download it here.

Strategic Research and Development Plan 2021

The Office of the Vice President of Research submitted a Strategic Research Plan for 2021, which was approved by means of the respective resolution, following the corresponding review. Download it here.

General Research Policy 

This policy establishes the basic guidelines for research activities, scientific experiments, innovation and artistic-cultural creation resulting from research and/or knowledge transfer, in order to obtain quality scientific production. Download it here.

Research Regulations 

These regulations cover the general aspects, as well as the management, organization and promotion of research, experimentation, innovation and cultural artistic production resulting from research at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL), according to current legislation and internal regulations. Download it here.

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